The First Camera

On December 17th, 2004, the night before my wedding, my future wife and I were lamenting the fact that we would not have a camera for our honeymoon. We had asked a few people if we could borrow their camera, but we had either asked too late or didn't have their camera on hand to give us. That night, a glorious event took place: my father, being a photographer himself, handed me a Nikon E5200 (a 5.0 Megapixel point and shoot camera) as a wedding present. Little did I know that this would spark my desire in photography. During our honeymoon, my wife often chuckled over how much time I was spending with my new camera! I perused around our cruise ship experimenting with the dials, tilting the camera every which way, and embarked upon my expedition of learning the difference between pushing the shutter button on a camera and composing a beautiful photograph.


Advancing in Photography

After a Couple years, multiple books, magazines, and lessons, I quickly learned that if I wanted to continue evolving my skills as a photographer, it was time to invest in a quality DSLR camera. After some research, I purchased my first DSLR: a Canon Rebel XTi. Wow! The improvement was astonishing! However, there were certain features that I had not considered before purchasing the camera that I found I desperately needed. So, a year later, I sold my camera Rebel Xti, and purchased a Canon 40D, which is still my camera of choice to this day.


Beginning the Business

As we all know, when the economy took a serious downtown during the last half of 2008, many people lost their jobs. I was fortunate to be one of the last to continue working at my job, but in February 2009, the work simply evaporated. After trying to find work at different companies proved fruitless, I began to explore other alternatives. I had taken pictures for multiple families, friends, and individuals that knew I had a knack for photography, and after hearing them urge me into starting a photography business, I decided they were right... why not do what you love to do!?



At Farmer Foto, my pledge to you is to produce high quality photographs at a reasonable price that you can enjoy for a lifetime. I want to make your photography experience as enjoyable as possible and leave you feeling satisfied enough that you want to tell your friends and family about me.



There are few things that can launch us back in time so powerfully as photographs. For this reason, the style of photography employed by Farmer Foto is one of class, respect, and creativity. As a result, Farmer Foto DOES NOT and WILL NOT participate in any photography that could be characterized as risque, pornographic, or indecent. Farmer Foto reserves the right to refuse service to anyone desiring photography of this nature. However, as previously noted, those interested in classy, respectful and creative photographs will find that Farmer Foto is the perfect match for them!